Save money! Save the environment!  Be a hero! 

OK, I can’t promise that you’ll be the new corporate rock star by your energy management success.  But certainly you can imagine a better parking spot or a few more smiles of admiration near the water cooler?

CommScope’s goal at Cisco Live! next week in San Diego is to inform and prepare you for a great opportunity that’s in your reach—the chance to reduce your company’s energy consumption, its operating costs and its ability to smartly manage the infrastructure that makes your firm hum.

What else do we plan to do for you at the Cisco event?

  • CommScope will provide its high-performance SYSTIMAX® twisted pair and optical fiber technology to support end to end connectivity throughout the EnergyWise and UPOE Pavilion.

  • We'll demonstrate at the Rittal booth(#418) how the InstaPATCH ZERO solution can be a boost for your data centers. Developed in collaboration with IT enclosure industry leader Rittal Corporation, InstaPATCH ZERO is the first pre-terminated server cabinet solution on the market. InstaPATCH ZERO is ideal for those organizations that intend to adopt a pre-terminated and flexible structured cabling solution for rapid server deployment, have high density environments with limited real estate and regularly deploy and/or decommission servers.

We believe that the marriage of intelligence (in the infrastructure, not your head) and energy management can yield tremendous benefits, and at presentations we’ll deliver in the EnergyWise and UPOE Pavilion (Booth #2776) we will share ideas and recommendations on how you can make it happen. We will demonstrate how SYSTIMAX iPatch® Intelligent Infrastructure Solution can enhance the energy saving potential of EnergyWise®, Cisco’s energy management architecture. As the IT industry strives to reduce its carbon footprint, the integration of iPatch location information and EnergyWise power management capabilities can further reduce energy consumption, while also improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

The combination of an intelligent infrastructure and energy management can be used to optimize energy consumption by defining when power should be supplied to devices in certain locations, or when they are not in use and can be powered down.  For example, a profile could dictate that all the devices in common areas of an office building are powered down after 7 p.m. when all the staff have gone home, and then powered up again at 7 a.m. the following morning.  These systems can function across a broad level, such as an entire building, right down to specific floors, single rooms, and even to individual wall outlets.

Because such policies are location based, these systems can selectively exclude certain locations or create specific policies for certain rooms, offices or desks.  An intelligent infrastructure enables IT managers to select locations onscreen directly from the building layout, and choose the locations to which the selected policy is to be applied. Since the intelligent infrastructure takes charge of applying the energy management policy to the right switch port connected to that location at the right time, the application of energy policies is greatly simplified, delivering real-time location-based energy management.  One time policies can also be created to manage devices in rooms that are only used intermittently, like conference rooms or training facilities.

So are you as energized as we are?  We hope to see you at the show and start you down the path of superstardom at your company!

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Matias Peluffo

Matias Peluffo is Asia/Pacific Director, Data Center and Inside Plant Fiber Solutions. He has more than 25 years of experience in the cabling industry, and since joining CommScope in 1993 has held senior roles in Technical Management, Standards Development, Product Management and Segment Strategy. Peluffo plays a leading role in CommScope’s contribution to the international organizations that develop standards for copper and optical fiber cabling systems, contributing strategic direction in the establishment of industry-governing standards as an expert member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC25 WG3 since 1996. Peluffo is a regular presenter at industry conferences. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Eugene Lang College in New York and a certificate in telecommunications management from Columbia University. He is currently based in Singapore.

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