From February 25–28, the worldwide wireless industry gathered in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the largest exhibition in the world for mobile communications. This important event took place for the eighth consecutive year in Barcelona,Spain, though this year in a new larger home, the Fira Gran Via in Hospitalet.

In spite of European zone economic concerns, MWC 2013 was a clear demonstration that the wireless industry has a solid basis for growth, which is fueled by the continued exponential growth of wireless data usage. A key driver of this data usage growth is the accelerated introduction of smart portable devices. New, larger screen smartphones and tablets are now equipped with computing power that few years ago was just a dream for the most powerful desktop PC. These devices are more and more becoming personal devices where users combine their business and social lives.

As a matter of fact one of the buzz words inBarcelonawas BYOD, an acronym meaning “Bring Your Own Device.” For example, exhibitors would use this term to indicate that visitors should bring their own devices if they want to trial new applications. In today’s wireless world, users want to have a single device for business and private use. Large enterprise organizations are challenged to make more and more capacity for high data consumption available inside their buildings. At the same time, when users are bringing in their own devices that are served by different service providers, enterprises must make the same high quality of service available for each one of the wireless operators operating a 3G/4G license.

This is why advanced distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions continue to grow in popularity and deployments. A best-in-class DAS can support high data usage for multiple operators and multiple technologies (3G HSPA+, 4G LTE, MIMO). The exhibits and presentations at MWC 2013 demonstrated to me the importance DAS will continue to play in supplying additional wireless capacity inside enterprises.

For those who attended MWC 2013, what did you take away from the show in terms of capacity solutions or trends in the industry?

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Samuel Buttarelli is vice president of sales, Europe, in the Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions division at CommScope. Mr. Buttarelli started at Andrew Corporation in 2003 in the role of global product line manager for the Filter and Power Amplifier group. He was promoted to the role of global account manager in 2006 before becoming sales director for Southern Europe in 2007 and sales director for Europe in 2011. Previously, Mr. Buttarelli worked at Forem Spa as research and development engineer for GSM Base Station Components and Subsystems and at Allen Telecom where he was responsible for business development of GSM Subsystems in the North America and China markets. Mr. Buttarelli holds a M.Sc. degree in telecommunications from the Polytechnic Institute of Milan and an MBA from the business school of Polytechnic Institute of Milan.

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