As wireless operators upgrade their network infrastructure to address the rising growth in traffic, they are also under tremendous pressure to reduce operating costs. A standard cell site has several active and passive components, requiring routine maintenance and adjustments. With so many cell sites (an estimated one million sites globally and new sites being installed every day), all these truck rolls not only hurt an operator’s bottom line but the environment as well. Today, operators are increasingly relying on remote monitoring to perform repairs and maintenance from a central office, thus saving money on fuel and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

CommScope’s OneBase InSite® Connect is a single comprehensive solution that remotely controls and monitors the subsystems inside each site, enabling operators to coordinate and manage the conditions at all their network cell sites. The solution allows operators to:

  • Monitor battery capacity

  • Regulate BTS building temperatures

  • Provide video surveillance

  • Monitor fuel levels

  • Reduced false alarm visits

Deploying an OneBase InSite Connect also reduces power consumption by monitoring site conditions and providing remote alerts when operating conditions are out of normal range. In addition, the same solution has options to include onboard RET AISG controllers, Network Timing Protocols, Precise Timing Protocols (PTPv2 IEEE 1588-2008) and IP timing.

Each OneBase InSite Connect can manage and monitor up to 88 individual subsystems and feed into a centrally-located control management system. This enables operators to remotely manage and monitormore than a thousand individual sites.

Besides managing all the various independent subsystems at each site, the OneBase InSite Connect provides the information needed to significantly trim remote access network operating costs and keep your network performing at its highest levels by:

  • Leveraging the benefits of network sharing

  • Monitoring key performance indicators in real time

  • Identifying situations before they become problems

 Have you considered a remote monitoring system for your cell site yet?



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Anil K. Trehan is Vice-president of Energy Solutions, for CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. In this position, he is responsible for development of new energy products and solutions for the telecommunications carrier market, including wireless and wireline service providers. Mr. Trehan has presented on energy savings solutions at various international conferences and trade shows. He has four patents and eight patent pending applications to his credit. In his 25 years of work experience, he has held several technical management and engineering positions at Avaya, Lucent Technologies, AT&T – Bell Labs, and General Electric. Mr. Trehan has a masters and bachelors degree in Engineering.

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