Cisco Live 2012 in beautiful downtown San Diego,CA, nicknamed “America’s Finest City,” is in full swing.  As a booth exhibitor and checking out the rest of the exhibit floor here, I had a bit of time to sit back and make a few observations.

There appears to be a much larger focus on partners and integration than I’ve ever seen at past shows.  The ecosystem is certainly growing and the result is even more solutions that are being offered to the many customers who can benefit from them.

  • The speakers at the booth spaces, or carnival barkers as I call them, were a particularly engaging group.  The interesting thing when listening to the speakers is the level of technical detail they can go into because of the audience.  Cisco Live is a show for Cisco users to get together and learn more about not only new Cisco products but new products that integrate with Cisco products to enhance them. On a side note about the speakers, most have accents – new stuff just sounds cooler when someone with an accent is explaining it!

  • Energy is a definite theme at a lot of booths I have been visiting.  Cisco has an EnergyWise Pavilion where partners such as CommScope have developed integration packages with EnergyWise for enhanced energy management. I walked through a number of booths that featured energy efficient lighting.  Within the Cisco EnergyWise pavilion is a display of Power over Ethernet lighting.  LED lights for the entire space are all cabled back to a central PoE switch that is providing the power to light them up.  I have to say the lighting was pretty good.

  • It always amazes me the amount of food and drinks that Cisco offers to attendees on the exhibit floor.  I had the opportunity to sample the fare and it was actually pretty good.

  • My final observation is the exhibit hall itself.  Walking through the doors is like walking into another world.  Colorful banners are hung from the ceiling.  Cool cars are in the middle of the booths to get people to come in.  One company is actually giving away a Mini Cooper! There is a rock wall for climbing – I don’t think there was a real purpose for it.  It wasn’t a hook to get people to visit a booth space.  It was just a rock wall where people could get strapped in and climb.

I’m looking forward to the remainder of the show where I will be talking about iPatch integration with Cisco EnergyWise that brings the element of location-based energy management for a more granular control.  I will also play the carnival barker and present for 15 minutes on the benefits of the iPatch and EnergyWise integration .  I will be using my best James Bond accent…


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