IA_SP7320_ImageThere are many stages to outfitting a building. One important stage is the installation and commissioning of lighting in the floor space. Lighting systems are going through somewhat of a revolution, with LED (light emitting diode) technology coming of age. Deploying LEDs is one way companies are trying to reduce their energy consumption.

With technology constantly changing and the need to adopt new methods that break from almost a century of tradition, it is not as simple as driving to a site and changing the light bulbs. There are many aspects to ensuring the project is successful, installed properly and all the relevant documentation is handed to the building owner.

Planning and preparing for installation before arriving on site is important to achieving success. It includes collating the documentation required before starting a project, creating a good project submittal package and plan, discussing strategy meetings (who should be there so the contractors are aware of the scope of work and the project’s timetable), and looking at design practices from the contractors’ and installers’ point-of-view.

Infrastructure Academy Logo(1)The latest in the series of Infrastructure Academy courses for Redwood Systems’ Building Performance and LED Lighting systems is now available—SP7320 Redwood Project Preparation and Planning. This Redwood course looks at project preparation and planning of a LED lighting installation. It discusses steps to a successful project, who needs to be involved and the documentation and plan required.

This online course is intended for any audience wishing to understand project preparation and planning for a Redwood lighting installation including project managers and site foremen. I encourage you to take this course and welcome your feedback. Please use the comment section below. 

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All of these articles have saved me a lot of heaaechds.

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