So there I was sitting on another airplane, when I started to chat with the passenger in the seat next to me. He tells me he is a television news producer and is following a 3,000-km snowmobile race in Canada. 

To accomplish this, he needs to follow the contestants by helicopter and conduct interviews on the ground at the various checkpoints. He also tells me that one of the biggest problems they have working remotely is providing power for the various cameras and recording equipment.

In most cases, they use a mobile studio that is equipped with a diesel generator to provide off-site power. One draw back to using a diesel generator is that it is noisy and that noise is picked up by the microphones. To solve this, they must place the generator a safe distance away and run long extension cords.

I thought about this and mentioned that what they needed was a generator that produced no noise, like a hydrogen fuel cell. These devices consume hydrogen and oxygen and produce electricity. Water is a by-product, and most importantly for these folks—no noise. With a capacity to produce 16-kilowatts of power, a fuel cell can power a number of devices for up to eight hours. Now that sounds like a solution to their generator issues. 

It was an interesting discussion and one that created a new possible application for fuel cell power generation. Here’s a news flash; remote production team powered by a fuel cell—tune in tonight for all the latest coverage.

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