4G Americas Rysavy Research white paper(Note: The following has been submitted as a guest post to CommScope Blogs by Chris Pearson, president of 4G Americas. Opinions and comments provided in this guest post, as with all posts to CommScope Blogs, are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of CommScope.)

Ever sit down in front of the fire on a quiet Friday night with your favorite novel, man's best friend (your dog) and a cup of hot chocolate and find your mind wandering to the wireless industry? (Sarcasm intended.) Do questions begin popping into your head such as: How is the 3GPP technology evolution progressing? How spectrally efficient is HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE? What are the major advances with LTE-Advanced?

These are just some of the questions that are answered in the 4G Americas' Rysavy Research white paper, Mobile Broadband Explosion: The 3GPP Wireless Evolution--and you don't have to run to Barnes and Noble or go to Amazon to get it! It's available for free downloading at www.4gamericas.org.

Peter Rysavy of Rysavy Research, a noted wireless industry analyst, worked with 4G Americas' technical experts to provide a deep dive into the technical aspects of the 3GPP mobile broadband technology evolution.   The 69-page white paper delves into the specifics of the various wireless technologies and how they are progressing.

The white paper is understood throughout the wireless industry to be a significant document in providing an overview to key stakeholders regarding specific technology developments that are affecting regulators, subscribers, network infrastructure vendors and mobile device manufacturers. Key areas of the white paper covered include:  mobile data demand, spectrum developments, wireless technology evolution and a comparative analysis of wireless technology. 

Some key conclusions in the paper include: 

1. Mobile broadband-encompassing networks, devices, and applications-is becoming one of the most successful and fastest-growing industries of all time.

2. Computing itself is transitioning from a PC era to a mobile era.  

3. Cloud computing is an ever-larger factor in data demand, involving data synchronization, backup, cloud-based applications and streaming.

4. Wi-Fi is playing an ever more important role as a means to increase data capacity.

5. HSPA+ provides a strategic performance roadmap advantage for incumbent GSM-HSPA operators.

6. Initial LTE deployments have been faster than any new wireless technology previously deployed.  

7. LTE has become the global cellular next generation technology platform of choice for all operators.

8. The wireless technology roadmap extends through IMT-Advanced, with LTE-Advanced defined to meet IMT-Advanced requirements. 

9. Despite industry best efforts to deploy the most efficient technologies possible, overwhelming demand is already leading to isolated instances of congestion which will become widespread unless more spectrum becomes available in the near future.

Now pet your dog, go refill your hot chocolate, put a big log on the fire and have fun answering those important wireless questions after you've downloaded the paper free of charge at www.4gamericas.org.

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Chris Pearson

Chris Pearson is the President of 5G Americas.  In his executive role, he is responsible for the overall planning of the organization and providing management for the integration of strategy and operations in the areas of technology, marketing, public relations and regulatory affairs.  As President of 5G Americas (formerly called 4G Americas), Mr. Pearson represents the organization’s Market Representation interests within the 3rd Generation Partnership Program (3GPP) organization. With more than 28 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Pearson is a recognized spokesperson in mobile wireless and 5G technology trends and has spoken at technology conferences throughout the world including CES, Mobile World Congress, CTIA, LTE World, 5G World North America, and 5G Forum USA.

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