I bet you Elvis could not have imagined Las Vegas as a hot bed for data center technology. Starting today, that’s what Vegas will become.

 CommScope will once again be exhibiting during the Gartner Data Center Conference December 3-6 in Las Vegas. Last year’s event was a great experience for us—and I don’t mean we won big at the black jack table.

 I mean we got to advise the industry on modular data centers and explain our ability to quickly assist customers in establishing the right infrastructure for these environments.

 If you don’t know Matt Baldassano yet, I strongly advise that you get to know him. Okay, he might not be “The King”, but we at CommScope think he’s a star. Matt is giving the presentation—40/100G: Next Generation Architectures Managed Intelligently—in the Veronese Ballroom 2401 B, on December 5 at 5 p.m. CST.

Matt’s presentation demonstrates how technology, intelligence and energy can all work together in creating an effective 40/100G network for the data center. More specifically, Matt will show how effective management of these networks, with regards to distance form factor and power consumption, can greatly benefit the data center. Lately, there have been numerous developments with respect to technology that is enabling multi-mode fiber to remain the dominant media choice for data center networks. Matt will share information on developments in optical transceiver technology enabling these technologies to remain a cost effective, low-power solution for data center operators.

 Finally, Matt provides insight on a number of intelligence technologies assisting organizations with the challenges of managing multi-form factor connectors. This includes ensuring proper transceivers work with distance/loss/connector type limitations.

 I know you will be very impressed with Matt’s presentation. I encourage everyone attending the show to stop by. You will not be disappointed.

 During the show, be sure to check out CommScope at the Solution Showcase—a group of vendors educating visitors on the latest cutting-edge data center solutions. If you are going to be at the show, I encourage you to stop by and visit with us at Booth No. 136.

Hope to see you there.

 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make sure my tuxedo pressed and ready for the show.

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David Oldenbuttel is Strategic Marketing Manager for the Enterprise division at CommScope. He has worked in the technology industry for the past 14 years in a variety of management and product marketing roles for firms such as IBM and Fujitsu. David has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Texas Tech University and an MBA from the University of Dallas.

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