In the cable industry, you can order fiber-optic cable from  manufacturers that have the most in-your-face ads or from salespeople who identify themselves as the “best in the business.” With all their pitches and promises, you have to ask one important question —will they be there for you 24 hours, 7 days a week, ensuring you satisfaction with their product? Is that something you want to chance?

Excellent customer service is something we strive for at CommScope, and that’s why we are the only fiber-optic provider using the innovative WebTrak® system.

WebTrak is an enhancement of our website, enabling our customers to view the factory results for all of the fiber-optic cable we manufacture for them. Each reel we deliver comes with the factory-test results attached, helping to ensure that our product meets or surpasses our standards before it is delivered.

I know that we live in a digital age and that paper copies do not have much of a lifespan any more. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’re lucky if the report makes it through installation and ends up in an office, maybe even on a desk. Sometimes, and it has happened, reports become the victims of the accidental coffee spill.

We realize the importance of proper cable installation and understand that a copy of factory test results can be easily lost during installation. This is why we have made it easy to access your factory results online, anytime.

All you need to access your results is the 11-digit serial number printed on the cable jacket and a footage/meter mark for reference. We’ve made it easy for customers to find the serial number—it’s printed on every two feet or every meter of the cable jacket. The footage/meter mark is required in order for WebTrak to provide the most accurate results for that specific portion of cable.

Let’s say there is a performance issue in the field where, after cable is installed and tested, the customer finds a fiber that shows high attenuation. A customer can simply log in to WebTrak and see the original attenuation the cable had when it left our factory. The customer can use that data to see if a possible installation issue has increased the fiber’s attenuation. WebTrak is extremely useful when the test report that was sent with the reel has been lost or misplaced.

The WebTrak system is designed for a customer’s benefit and convenience. It’s just another step CommScope is taking to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Results are just seconds away.

How have you used WebTrak?

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Kelly Patrick joined CommScope in 1996. During those 15 years, she has held positions in both the Customer Service and Product Management departments. Currently Kelly is the Product Manager-OSP Fiber for the Broadband Business Unit.

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