• 32nd Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition. The highly anticipated event will take place under the theme: “Inspiring ICT Innovations: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through Sustainable Strategic Partnerships”. to take full advantage of the rapidly evolving converging technology environment for the benefit of our Caribbean consumers. It encourages all stakeholders to create and foster an environment of entrepreneurship by harnessing the natural talent. The objective is to inspire persons to be creative and innovative by utilizing and fostering strategic partnerships to yield SMART sustainable products and services, adding value to markets to reduce poverty and foster environmental conservation. It is a delicate balance of economical, sociological and environmental goals which will require a public-private partnership (PPP) and CANTO is well poised to take the lead.

    Visit us at booth # 5

    Showcasing solutions for Telecom Networks:

    • Fiber Indexing
    • FDH 4000
    • FACT
    • Mini FDH 3000
    • Tenio



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    Service Providers
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    Trade Show/Conference