• What do building professionals think about in-building cellular systems?

    In-Building Wireless Survey Report Executive SummaryCommScope’s study reveals surprising thoughts about the value of wireless

    It’s common knowledge that subscribers expect super-fast wireless services, essentially everywhere. What may surprise you is how much building professionals think an in-building wireless system for cellular coverage and capacity can boost property values.

    CommScope recently commissioned a study that surveyed building managers, facilities managers, real estate managers and architects about their attitudes towards in-building wireless. When asked to assign a specific number to how much a cellular system can increase property values, respondents wrote in a mean average of 28 percent.

    While this figure may be debated, those designing and managing buildings obviously believe there is a significant relationship between high-quality cellular systems and the value of a property.

    The study also revealed a gap in perceived responsibilities—87 percent of respondents said that in-building cellular coverage for commercial buildings is imperative, but only 56% always consider mobile connectivity for a building’s tenants as a factor when working on projects. Only about half (48%) of architects across the globe plan and design buildings with in-building cellular networks in mind.

    CommScope will release a complete report of its survey findings on March 7, 2016. By registering now, you will receive exclusive early access on March 1 before the report is made publicly available.

    Report highlights

    • Prevailing attitudes toward indoor wireless
    • Who is responsible to make it happen?
    • Top barriers preventing wireless ubiquity
    • What does CommScope recommend based on the findings?

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