5G North America 2018

5G North America 2018

Austin, TX USA

Region: North America

May 14-16, 2018

With the vision of network technology continuing to evolve, CommScope’s experience and focus on progress can help unlock the power and potential of 5G. 5G North America is co-located with Big Communications Event and 5G New Horizons-Wireless Symposium. As a Gold Sponsor, CommScope receives two panels and two presentation spots along with a variety of branding across all platforms, continuing the push to highlight CommScope thought leaders in the 5G space.

The audience, made up of 1400+ attendees including Senior Level Representation from all Tier One Carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile), Full Ecosystem represented from the full LTE and 5G Buyer community and 50%+ Director level and above with 60 unique carriers in attendance made up of CEOs, CFOs, Sales, Marketing, engineers, network designers/planners.


Monday, May 14, 2018
Time / Location Speaker Title Description
Mike Wolfe
Antenna Focus Day
Panel Discussion: Separating Users Using Massive MIMO
  • Field tests 
  • Increasing data rates 
  • Beamforming and spatial multiplexing 
  • MIMO’s potential to improve end user experiences 
Mike Brobston
Antenna Focus Day

Presenting: MmWave Antennas for 5G

  • Balancing cost and performance for Fixed Wireless Access
  • EIRP and Polarization considerations
  • Performance summary 
Time / Location Speaker Title Description
Mark Gibson
5G North America
Panel Discussion: Opportunities Made Available through CBRS Shared Spectrum Band
  • The neutral host model 
  • The momentum behind CBRS 
  • Spectrum sharing scenarios 
  • Using 3.5 GHz for small
Time / Location Speaker Title Description
Ray Butler
5G North America
Presenting: LTE Advanced Pro: Massively Expanding Gigabit LTE Coverage
  • A milestone on the path to 5G 
  • Achieving and expanding Gigabit coverage 
  • Practical considerations for network deployment and optimization