Central Office Offering

Discover insights to help you optimize your fiber network in your central office

At CommScope’s Central Office Offerings Station, you’ll discover valuable insights to help you optimize your fiber network in high-density central office, headend and data center applications.

You’ll learn about new CommScope innovations, including access trays, universal adapter racks, cabled modules and MPO modules, which collectively aid in the installation and maintenance of large amounts of fiber.

Our station will feature a fully equipped demo rack, along with subject matter experts available to address subjects that include:

  • CommScope Frames, which simplifies connectivity while speeding deployments, a centerpiece of its FTTH technology.
  • The evolution of ODF solutions, and how innovation continually refines the deployment process.

Visit CommScope’s Central Office Offerings Station at ANGACOM 2018 to discover how to optimize your network in the central office.