High Speed Migration

High Speed Migration solutions for mobile edge computing and cloud-RAN/virtualization

At CommScope’s High Speed Migration Station, you’ll learn how to maximize Cloud-RAN/Virtualization and edge computing cloud architectures. These utilize the same data center architecture as NFV in wireline central offices, and while the applications are becoming more mainstream, anticipating the evolution of network equipment and positioning your network accordingly can be tricky.

Our station will feature informative video presentations, along with subject matter experts available to address subjects such as: 

  • Cloud-RAN/Virtualization reducing costs and increasing service flexibility
  • How to keep density manageable while boosting speeds with minimal loss
  • Ensuring an agile and flexible mobile edge computing network to maximize additional revenue streams


Visit CommScope’s High Speed Migration Station at Mobile World Congress 2018 to learn how to maximize the return on your fiber infrastructure investment.

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