Metro Cell

Add capacity where it’s needed most

At CommScope’s Metro Cell Station, you’ll discover how easy and affordable it can be to extend the macro network, even in the most densely populated urban areas.

See our new PoleCab solution, which integrates the pole and cabinet in one unit, as well as our Pole-Top, with its slim profile and attractive, unobtrusive appearance. Our subject matter experts will be available to share with you all of our Metro Cell solutions, including:

  • Top of the pole, whose light weight and minimal profile make it ideal for existing pole deployments in public areas
  • Middle of the pole, which offers a traditional appearance and is compatible with virtually all poles
  • Bottom of the pole, available with decorative options, which is ideal for high-power radios 

Visit CommScope’s Metro Cell Station at Mobile World Congress 2018 to discover how to boost network capacity and service coverage, no matter the environment.

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