Outside Plant Solutions

Vault, feeder and distribution closures – Cabinets – Fiber terminals

Vault closures
The fiber optical splice closure, FOSC®, is the original and world-leading integrated
enclosure with mass fiber organiser system for long-haul and feeder networks in
vault applications.

Feeder closures
The fiber splice tray organiser, FIST® is the original single-circuit and single-element
transient loss-controlled fiber closure and organiser system for the feeder and
distribution application.

Distribution closures

Building on decades of innovation and industry leadership, TENIO® closures enable
30 percent faster, future-proof network deployments in 30 percent less space.
TENIO is the most reliable and versatile integrated closure and fiber organiser
system for deep fiber distribution networks

Hardened terminals
The multiport service terminal (MST) series is a pre-terminated fiber access
terminal using full size and small-form hardened connectors.
Using the original and small-form hardened connectivity, the optical
terminal enclosure, OTE, is an integrated fiber access terminal and closure
compatible with passive optical device and multifiber connectors for a daisy-chain
distribution network.