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    Topic: Multi-faceted connectivity solutions meeting today’s and future network needs
    Presentation Title: “Fast fiber wireless and wireline networks are enabling a new lifestyle and economy”
    Speaker: Jan Vandenbroeck, Director, Product Management EMEA, CCS Outside Plant, CommScope

    With its increasing speed and bandwidth, smart connectivity between people and increasingly intelligent devices will have a vast impact on our lifestyle and our economy. But smart connectivity will require many changes in our networks. For example, critical safety services for controlling autonomous transportation will require a symmetrical, low-latency, unrestricted broadband utility architecture, both in the fiber backbone and the access network. Governments are seeing the implications of these developments, and are making a robust communications infrastructure a top priority. The passive wireline architecture will need to become a multi-wavelength fiber-based framework, allowing high quality service and an extended lifetime. Government regulations, geographical conditions, availability of skills, legacy structures, and many other parameters will influence this network architecture. Discover the multi-faceted solutions that will meet today’s connectivity needs, as well as prepare for the networks of the future.

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