Realcomm 2019

Realcomm 2019

Nashville, TN

Region: North America

June 13-14, 2019


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The leading conference focused on the topic of technology, innovation and automation for the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate, and Facilities industries. This event brings together thousands of creative, forward-thinking, and insightful commercial and corporate real estate professionals from around the world who gather to discuss and debate how technology, automation and innovation continues to impact how we use, transact and operate real estate.


Thursday, June 13, 2019
Time / Location Speaker Title Description
Room 204
Mark Gibson, Director, Business Development
Moderated panel “An Introduction to 5G & CBRS – Getting Ready for the Revolution”
New technologies tend to enter the market in similar ways. At first there are a few insiders whispering about it, and little by little, the whispers turn into larger conversations and ultimately a revolution. Even though in-building wireless conversations have been with us for years, this time feels different. 5G and CBRS have the potential to dramatically change an in-building wireless strategy. With topics such as WiFi, private LTE networks, and IoT connectivity on the horizon, building owners and operators will have to rethink their in-building wireless strategies. Even though these are nascent technologies, now is the time to better understand and prepare for their impact. This introductory session will demystify and provide a good foundation for the 5G/CBRS journey.

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