Elise Vadnais

NCC Regional Product Management EMEA, CommScope

Elise Vadnais is in the EMEA regional product management team for CommScope Connectivity Solutions, supporting projects across the region. From tracking generational trends in broadband consumption, to regional trends in technology and networks, Ms. Vadnais is always seeking to understand the current and future demands on networks and anticipate the needs of network operators.  Ms. Vadnais has more than six years of experience in the industry and in strategy and product management, researching broadband network infrastructures across the world.  She has extensively studied and analyzed consumer, market and industry trends, observing them through industry forums and life as a connected millennial. She has been involved in many industry forums, including presenting at the Fall 2016 BISCI conference in San Antonio, Texas. Her research on market and generational trends, as well as product positioning, has been presented to operators, and organization strategy and executive teams throughout her career. Hailing from Minnesota, but educated just outside Chicago, she has previous experience in hospitality, retail and agricultural industries and now resides in Brussels, Belgium.