Ken Hall

Architect Enterprise Solutions, RCDD, NTS

Choosing MPO Connectors for the Data Center - In data centers, fiber optic systems have been installed in data centers for more than 25 years to support infrastructure cabling. But due to the advent of higher data rates (40-Gigabit Ethernet, for example, requiring four parallel 10-Gigabit lines), parallel data center applications require more fibers. 40G Ethernet often uses eight fibers for example. As demand for more fiber continues to mount, data center managers are looking for ways to support add more fiber in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible, and that can mean moving to newer MPO-24 connectors. In this presentation, the expert will discuss the pros and cons of using MPO-8, MPO-12, and MPO-24 connectors for fiber infrastructure in the data center. The presentation will discuss the applications that each type of connector best supports in the context of overall data center migration.