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    TESSCO One brings thousands of colleagues from across the wireless industry together for two days of networking, socializing, experiencing the latest technology, and hearing from expert presenters and exciting keynote speakers. The best the industry has to offer for complete, end-to-end wireless services and solutions.


    • DCCS - ION-E, DCCS Passives & DCCS Antennas
    • Microwave – Sentinel® High Performance Antenna
    • HELIAX – RF Path Solutions
    • Metro Cell – Antennas & Concealment
    • Steel & Accessories - SnapStak® Plus Adjustable hangers, G22 High Capacity Sector Frame, Rapid Deployment Poles

    Overcoming Challenges of Enterprise-Funded DAS Deployments DAS Track

    When:Tuesday, April 4 | 1:00 to 1:45pm CSTMatt-Melester
    Speakers:  Matt Melester – SVP of DCCS Solutions – CommScope
    Cindy King – SVP of Finance and Program Logistics – TESSCO
    Pete Bohley, President, Repeated Signal Solutions

    This panel discussion focuses on selling DAS into enterprises and end users. Enterprises bring challenges that make them very unique from carrier deployments, including an awareness of product set, financial challenges and operational management among others.


    New Infrastructure Trends for Macro Sites Base Station Infra Track

    When:Tuesday, April 4 | 1:00 to 1:45pm CSTChris Stockman

    Dale Heath
    Speakers:  Chris Stockman, Product Line Director – CommScope
    Dale Heath, Product Line Manager – CommScope

    Technology continues to change as we demand more speed from our networks. The infrastructure to support this technology is also changing faster than ever. This session will review the new trends taking place at Macro sites and also provide a glimpse into the future.


    Tower Solutions to Quickly Deploy Your Network Base Station Infra Track

    When:Tuesday, April 4 | 3:15pm to 4:00pm CSTDale Heath
    Speaker:  Dale Heath, Product Line Manager – CommScope

    The number of new sites continues to grow, but the timeline to deploy those continues to shrink. There are many options for towers out there, but only a few of them can be deployed quickly. We will review the benefits of mobile and rapid deployment structures.

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