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Whether you need wired or wireless solutions, the PartnerPRO Network from CommScope simply means the right solutions delivered by the right partner. Finding that partner means finding an expert who can best answer a few important questions:

  • Which technology is right for my network today — and tomorrow?
  • How can I keep my network profitable, minimizing downtime and lost revenue?
  • What’s the right solution and design, and how can I install and maintain it consistently and globally?

Though many of our clients face similar challenges, each manifests in slightly different ways. While other providers may try to piece together solutions from multiple sources and manufacturers, the PartnerPRO network provides a complete team of experts to help you choose the right solutions for your network and your business.

Download our brochure to learn more, or find the right partner right now with our PartnerPRO Network Locator.

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Real Experience. Proven Success.
Through its PartnerPRO Network, CommScope has delivered proven success for many of the world's most demanding, highest-profilem here are a few examples. 

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PartnerPRO network members deliver next-generation solutions with confidence, backed by the expertise of CommScope. Learn why you should choose the PartnerPRO Network.
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As network technology grows more complex, many operators and administrators are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. You want to make every investment a smart investment, so you need to find the right partners — those who understand the challenges you face.

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