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Through its PartnerPRO Network, CommScope has delivered proven success for many of the world's most demanding, highest-profile projects – again and again. If our partners provided vital solutions for clients like these, imagine how much better your network will perform with their assistance.

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AT&T Stadium: Connecting 100,000 fans for the 2010 Super Bowl

As the site of the 2010 Super Bowl, Dallas Cowboys Stadium had to be ready for an unprecedented number of connection-hungry fans. CommScope's intelligent in-building wireless solution provided the capacity the Cowboys needed to handle game-day traffic equal to an entire city full of people – all using their mobile devices at once. CommScope and its partners provided:

  • Reliable communication for VIPs, security, police, fire and federal agencies
  • Wi-Fi and enhanced LTE capacity for five wireless carriers
  • On-the-fly stadium advertising and touch-screen purchase technology
  • Automatic remote control of the retractable roof and end-zone doors
  • Integrated lighting, HVAC, voice and data systems
Gotthard Base Tunnel Success Story thumbnail 2  

Gotthard Base Tunnel: Reliable connections deep under the Alps at 250 km/h

Opening in 2017, the Gotthard Base Tunnel is a masterpiece of engineering. With 57 kilometers of subterranean track and 43 kilometers of access tunnels, CommScope and its partners ensured that the world's longest rail tunnel will support a high-speed Distributed Antenna Solutions (DAS) strategy designed to ensure reliable wireless service for passengers, including:

  • A custom DAS capable of seamless, high-speed signal handoffs
  • High temperature-tolerant designs that work in extreme underground environments
  • Extensive redundancy and coordinated support for GSM-R, PMR and UMTS networks
Burj Khalifa Success Story thumbnail

Burj Khalifa: Connecting the world's tallest skyscraper

In the Emirate of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa rises 828 meters through 160 stories. The design specs required a DAS that could manage high demand over multiple services for three wireless carriers. Despite space limitations, power availability and unique structural parameters, CommScope's custom DAS delivered a scalable solution deployed in graduated phases and highlighted by:

  • A fiber optic system managing 2G/3G-HSPA+ and GSM/UMTS traffic
  • A streamlined, affordable upgrade path to WiMAX, LTE, 4G and MIMO
  • Fewer base stations and less coaxial cable than conventional installations

If you need cost-effective, integrated, end-to-end solutions that deliver outstanding reliability, quality of service and energy efficiency – find it right now. Search our PartnerPRO Network Locator.

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