Game-changers: the trends and technologies that rewrite the rulebooks. 

For the enterprise network, game-changers are the rise of Ethernet, wireless broadband and optical networks. These challenges alter how IT managers oversee their evolving enterprise networks and data centers. Game-changes influence how vendors approach component design and how IT supports and satisfies the end-user.

In this agile industry, why is it vital to spot game-changers early?

The earlier you identify a trend, the better prepared you are to address it. The seventh edition of the CommScope Global Enterprise Survey outlines five emerging trends and technologies for enterprise networks.

  • A mobile workforce
  • Cloud computing
  • 40GbE and 100GbE
  • Infrastructure intelligence

enterprise surveyEach game-changer reflects the diversity and scope of innovation happening inside the data center and throughout the IT infrastructure. Read the report and learn more about the industry today and beyond.

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