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January 2019 | Product and solution news from CommScope



CommScope® AGL Panels

Region: Global
CommScope completes its G2 fiber panel portfolio with the new CommScope AGL panel line. AGL fiber panels are agile, simple, and cost effective. Adding versatility to any network, our 1RU panels accept four of the popular G2 style modules and adapter packs for capacity of up to 96f LC or 32f MPO. Multiple versions are available including open, closed, fixed, sliding and angled. The AGL panels offer network flexibility at a budget-friendly cost.

Product References: AGL Panels for G2 Modules and Adapter Packs

Fiber Cable Fitting Accessory for HD, UD and EHD Panels

Region: Global
CommScope offers two new fiber cable fitting kits that provide more patching capacity for MPO preterms on CommScope HD, UD and EHD panels. These kits only support CommScope 8/12/24F MPO patch cords or trunks.

Product References: 760242678, 760242679

Additional References: Patch cord fitting instruction, Trunk cable fitting instruction

G2 Modules Method A Polarity

Region: Global
CommScope’s new G2 modules with Method A polarity are available in multimode and singlemode. These 12-fiber MPO and 24-fiber MPO modules add flexibility and density to any network. Multimode modules include MPOptimate® performance at .35 dB IL and singlemode modules offer .75 dB IL performance. The G2 modules fit into the following panels: AGL, HD, UD and UCP when used with the new Quick-Fit to G2 adapter bracket shown below. With the new G2 modules with Method A polarity, CommScope now offers a consistent look and footprint for Method A, Method B and Method B enhanced polarity.

Product References: G2 Multimode Modules, G2 Singlemode Modules, G2 Module Adapter Packs, G2 Adapter Bracket Kit



4-port ultra-wideband LTE small cell antennas

Region: CALA
CommScope’s 4-port ultra-wideband LTE antenna technology enables wireless operators to deploy 4X MIMO in one small antenna. This small cell antenna minimizes interference in a three-sector scenario with its fast roll-off and consistent pattern performance in all tilts. Achieving superior SINR, this antenna permits higher order modulation resulting in faster data throughput. It is ideal for migrating from a 3G to LTE radio. Additionally, a single RET controls all 4 ports and an internal smart bias-T allows control of the RET through the RF port—eliminating the need for an AISG control cable.

Product References: VV-65A-R1B, VV-65A-R1B-V2

10-port ultra-wideband antennas for 4X MIMO upgrades in high band

Region: Global
CommScope’s new RV4-65B-R5 family of 10-port ultra-wideband antennas is optimized for high performance in capacity-sensitive, data-driven environments. These antennas are the perfect option to replace old single and dual band antennas with 2 low-band ports and 8 high-band ports in a 2.1 m length, reducing tower load and saving tower lease costs. Optimized radome design also provides superior wind load performance. Flexible AISG connections and suitable for 4X MIMO upgrades in high bands, while supporting existing GSM, WCDMA and LTE Networks.

Product References: RV4-65B-R5, RV4-65B-R5-V2, RV4-65B-R5-V3

12-port ultra-wideband LTE antennas

Region: APAC, CALA and EMEA
The RRV4 family of 12-port ultra-wideband LTE antennas provide 4 ports on Low Band + 8 ports on High Band for a complete 4T4R capacity in a single antenna. This is an excellent choice to reduce antenna count on a site, which also minimizes space, weight and wind load to avoid costly tower reinforcement requirements. These antennas are designed with superior sector power ratio (SPR) and consistent pattern performance in all tilts and all ports to reduce cell overlap, minimize noise in the network, and ensure high data throughput. Each pair of ports has its own RET to add flexibility to the network.

Product References: RRV4-65A-R6, RRV4-65B-R6, RRV4-65C-R6, RRV4-65D-R6

14-port quasi-omni small cell antenna for 700MHz, 850MHz, AWS, PCS, WCS, 2.6GHz, CBRS and LAA

Region: North America
The new 14-port small cell quasi-omni antenna, NNVVSSP-360S-FM, is ideal for 4T4R MIMO applications supporting low band, mid band (up to 2.6GHz), CBRS and LAA bands. The mid band beams can be tilted manually to optimize site coverage and minimize interference, resulting in superior throughput performance. With its 12-inch diameter, this antenna is one of the narrowest antenna designs covering these bands—easing zoning approvals. This antenna is a superb choice for small cell densification with its small size and excellent RF characteristics for best-in-class performance.

Product References: NNVVSSP-360S-FM

14-port ultra-wideband LTE antennas

Region: APAC, CALA, and EMEA
CommScope’s new 14-Port ultra-wideband LTE antennas support deployments for 700, 800 & 900 MHz services along with 1400, 1800, 2100 & 2600 MHz services in a compact antenna housing. These antennas feature a single Low Band Array employing element diplexing to provide separate pairs of ports for 700+800 MHz and 900 MHz. Three High Band Arrays are also incorporated, one supporting the full 1427–2690 MHz band (2-Ports). The remaining two arrays use element diplexing to provide 4 ports for 1800+2100 MHz and 4 ports for 2600 MHz—configured to support 4X MIMO. Re-configurable RET enables Antenna Sharing capability.

Product References: EGZHHTT-65A-R6, EGZHHTT-65B-R6

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