Central Office and Headend

As bandwidth and capacity continue to grow, an agile infrastructure is needed.

The central office (CO) or headend (HE) is where service providers must often make changes. As FTTH and DOCSIS 3.1 gain momentum, new fiber is constantly added both at the outside plant and in the CO/HE.

Furthermore, emerging trends and technologies are expected to have an important impact on the evolution of the CO/HE.

Our solutions are high-density and modular. Our optical distribution frames (ODFs) offer multiple connectivity options—SC, LC, and MPO cassettes—and space savings. In fact, we offer the highest density LC, or small form-factor connectors, in the industry.

The increasing number of connectivity options in our solutions lets you scale up capacity based on demand, and increase the speed of deployments of new applications and services.

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The future of central offices

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