Enterprise DAS Solutions, scaled to suit your needs

ION®-E is the in-building wireless solution that’s easy to install, optimize and operate

Today, the vast majority of cellular connections occur indoors where the macro network can’t reliably penetrate. Distributed antenna systems (DAS) bring the signal indoors, but the cost and complexity of traditional DAS have put it out of reach for all but the very largest venues. ION®-E fills this critical gap.

Unlike other DAS solutions, ION-E runs on standard IT infrastructure—more affordable Category 6A and fiber-optic cable already in place in many enterprise environments. It can even share a common infrastructure with other services, like Wi-Fi, security cameras and other connected devices.

ION-E simplifies and accelerates deployments with automatic hardware detection and drag-and-drop traffic routing, all handled from an intuitive web-based interface. It’s easy to configure, optimize and operate—making moves, adds and changes a snap.

Best of all, ION-E supports the widest possible range of mobile operator networks, with the flexibility to adopt new ones thanks to its frequency-agnostic universal access point (UAP) design.

ION-E’s power, flexibility and deployment economics enable mobile operators, enterprises and system integrators to bring robust in-building wireless coverage indoors—in more places than ever before.

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