Outdoor cabinets

Protect the integrity of your base station's equipment

Fueled by unmatched experience and a history of idea generation, CommScope designs and manufactures a variety of easy-to-deploy macro cell site enclosures for your base station needs. Our rugged outdoor cabinets are factory tested, field proven and worry free.

They feature double-wall construction and a tight seal to safeguard your components from moisture and the harsh elements of your environment. Depending upon where you plan to deploy them, they're also available with an optional built-in air conditioner or heat exchanger. In addition, each cabinet is protected by a powder-coat finish to ensure it will last for years to come.

Field-proven quality and reliability
More than 100,000 units shipped
Full UL and GR-487 compliance
Available with multiple cooling options (heat exchangers, air conditioners, direct air cooling)

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