ARRIS Announces the General Availability of AgileMax™ and Introduces HPON™ (Hybrid Passive Optical Network) Architecture

Arris Team March 31, 2015

Today, we’re proud to announce the general availability of AgileMax, our revolutionary HPONAgileMax_Front(hybrid passive optical network) solution to completely eliminate Optical Beat Interference (OBI) in Advanced DOCSIS, FTTP deployments.

The AgileMax demo packed our booth at last year’s SCTE because of our promise to eliminate OBI—one of the long-standing challenges to deploying fiber to the home (FTTH) with RFoG technology. OBI is a chronic performance issue caused by multiple Optical Network Units (ONUs) communicating at the same time over the same fiber, resulting in unpredictable performance only worsened by network advances like DOCSIS 3.1. OBI has plagued RFoG deployments and prevented mass rollouts for over a decade, until now…

AgileMax— the backbone of ARRIS’s HPON solution – enables the industry’s only OBI free, DOCSIS based FTTP solution. The ARRIS AgileMax engine enables previously unachievable split ratios, reaches, and data rates, while remaining completely transparent to traditional PON solutions. AgileMax and HPON are CMTS, ONU, and cable modem agnostic—making this the most  flexible, cost-effective, operationally efficient and future-ready solution available. AgileMax promises to revolutionize fiber deployments around the world.

Find out more about AgileMax and HPON here.

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