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Arris Team February 24, 2015

This week, we celebrate our engineers—-the makers and doers and minds who inspire our quest to Invent the Future.

In this pursuit, we work day in and day out with some of the industry’s most talented engineers, from the world’s leading service providers and programmers. This National Engineers Week, we’re featuring a few stories and their approach to engineering, because it’s these unique perspectives that enrich our own work at ARRIS.

Here’s to all the engineers who inspire great things, for our industry, around the world, and within ourselves.


Marco Aurelio Rodrigues, Globosat – Engineer

Check out our first interview below with Marco Aurelio Rodrigues, Engineer at Globosat.

What inspired you to become an engineer?

  • I think that it was my hunger for technology and constant search for solutions that service mankind.
  • What does a day in the life of an engineer at Globosat look like?

    • A day of an engineer life at Globosat is very busy, because we deal with a variety of technologies and systems, and most of them work interconnected or dependent on each other. We also experience different brand new technologies and products, and sometimes we work with prototypes helping the industry to develop new products.
    • How do you collaborate with ARRIS engineers to solve industry challenges? 

      • Our relationship with ARRIS is very open and sincere, and that is very import to development on both sides.
      • What are the most common challenges that engineers in our industry face?

        • For me, it is good practices of IT resources and keeping updated on what’s new in the industry.
        • What is one piece of advice you wish someone told you when you were pursuing a career in engineering?

          • You’ll never stop studying. Every day, you'll find something new.
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