Ruckus Cloud Dashboard and the Concept of Intent-Driven Design

6a00d8341ea9ee53ef01b8d235a46e970c4 John Hanay May 4, 2017
To deliver an exceptional user experience, we’ve implemented an innovative methodology known as “intent-driven design” in Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi. Widely used by some of today’s most forward-thinking companies, this mechanism integrates user intent with a responsive experience. We’ve applied intent-driven design to Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi as a way of building a new model for presenting system information. In parallel, we are also leveraged the concept of “responsive design,” which helps us understand user behavior in order to provide a better user experience. Let’s look at how these design principles have been incorporated into the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi dashboard. We started our process by evaluating our competitors. In addition, we analyzed the UIs of leading networking and non-networking software products to see how to effectively present a wealth of information through a simple interface. Our approach for the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi dashboard follows the same path, where the dashboard is your first experience with the service. We want to ensure that you can quickly view and understand the status of your Ruckus Wi-Fi service. There are several data-driven elements in the dashboard that enhance your experience and provide quicker and easier access to the data you need:
  • Color indicators communicate the current status of each item, which makes it easy to identify those that are performing well and those that need attention.
  • Status circles indicate system status and provide specific information about alarms, venues, access points (APs) and users—the key aspects of your Wi-Fi service.
  • Status teardrops placed on a map depict the location of each venue. These use the color indicators to provide the status of each site, with mouse hover functions that enable you to get more details.
  • Analytics help you understand usage and performance, so you can optimize your network.
Overall, the objective of the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi dashboard is to communicate the status of the system and each element so that you can gain better visibility to your wireless network and understand how well it is supporting your users. This is an important aspect of the service and drove our decision to use a combination of intent-driven design and responsive design in the development of the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi user interface.   To learn more about Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, visit:  

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