Ruckus Expands “The Pack” on Unleashed

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO7AAAAJDc2MzljOGUyLTdiNzgtNDEwOS05MmZlLTYzOTJlMGE4YjcyYw Brady Kachapuram October 2, 2017
We are excited to announce new updates to the Ruckus Unleashed products, our Wi-Fi option for small organizations with limited IT resources.  We are making the Unleashed products easier to manage and install without compromising on performance. We are also releasing three more Unleashed access points (APs). Let’s get right into the details. The third software release of the year is packed with exciting features and capabilities. Here are some highlights:
  • Ruckus R720, T610 and H320 – our popular 802.11ac Wave 2 APs are now part of the Unleashed Family
    • R720, a premium Wave 2 AP with multi-gig backhaul, ideal for high performance indoor use cases; H320, an entry-level Wave 2 AP that works great as an in-room access point; T610, a mid-range Wave 2 AP, ideal for medium density outdoor deployments. This makes the unleashed product portfolio complete with a wide variety of AP options.
  • All new Mobile App version 2
    • Social login – Link Unleashed mobile app can connect via Gmail, Twitter or Facebook accounts to manage Unleashed networks remotely and locally without altering your firewall.
    • Remote management – Invite someone to deploy, manage or troubleshoot your Unleashed network with a simple text or email from the mobile app.
    • User Interface (UI) enhancements
  • Simplified and faster deployment – Reduced time to deploy an Unleashed network by 33%
  • Multi-site Support
    • Unleashed can now be deployed in multiple small sites and managed with the mobile app or the new Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager. If you think your business will grow in the future and are looking for Wi-Fi solution that is scalable – this is it!
  • Enhanced Administrative Control
    • Define network speed limits for each of the Unleashed networksUnleashed mobile app
    • Assign users to different VLANs based on their roles
  • Multiple language support further enhanced; Italian language added
Here is a sneak-peak to the Unleashed mobile App  ---> Our Unleashed access point line will celebrate its second birthday in November 2017 and we are super happy with how far the product line has come.  

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