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GregBeach Greg Beach February 3, 2017
As experts in the Wi-Fi industry, it’s our job to deliver solutions that give customers the connectivity they need and expect. New advancements are constantly being discovered in this space; in fact, we see them daily. We understand the need to identify trends happening in the industry. With that being said, here are our top wireless predictions for 2017:
  1. Video streaming dominates data traffic - At the beginning of 2016, Facebook reported an average of 8 billion video views per day on its site. With popular apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram revolving around the consumption of video posting and streaming, this number isn’t likely to decrease any time soon. As a result, mobile operators will need to increase their network speed, coverage and capacity.
  2. VR gets an upgrade - As of now, most virtual reality headsets on the market require unflattering wires that connect to a computer or mobile device. Improvements that create a completely wireless experience are already being developed and marketed to the masses. We’re confident that we’ll continue to see VR move into a wireless direction, giving more freedom to users.
  1. Wi-Fi enhances omnichannel shopping - Today, consumers rely on multiple ways to find exactly what they’re looking for. Traditional means of retail, e-commerce and m-commerce are all parts of the puzzle to finding the right product or service. Reliable Wi-Fi is the missing piece that will enhance the the shopping experience. Access to Wi-Fi indoors in places like retail stores, restaurants and even public transportation will change the way users shop.
  1. Security increases for public hotspots - We’ve all been told to refrain from browsing personal information when using public Wi-Fi because of the increased security risks. In 2017 more open networks for public hotspots will start to move to secure methods such as Hotspot 2.0 and certificate-based solutions. This solutions mitigates the risks users face when connecting to public Wi-Fi.
  1. Smart arenas and stadiums - Fans go to sporting events not only to support their favorite teams, but to get to an experience unlike the one they get from watching the game at home. In 2016, we partnered with Sacramento’s new Golden One Center to create the world’s most connected sports venue. This year, we expect to see more stadiums and arenas upgrade their indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi with the Wave 2 11ac standard.
2017 will see countless innovations in areas like IoT, smart cities, data consumption and Wi-Fi technology. As the year goes on, we look forward to seeing new technology and developments in the space. What are some predictions you’re betting on this year?

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