ARRIS and Amazon Alexa: New Possibilities for the Connected, Smart Home

Arris Team October 22, 2018

ARRIS TV Soundbar imageAt this week’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, we’re showcasing how we’re utilizing Amazon’s new Alexa Smart Screen and TV Device SDK that supports the Alexa Presentation Language (APL), This demonstration builds on our vision for the ultra-connected home. APL is a new design language and toolset for building visually rich Alexa skills for different device types. It presents incredibly exciting opportunities to enhance the voice experience with customizable visual cues. Voice control has already changed the way people interact with their homes, and APL enables us to deliver even more interactive, engaging consumer experiences.

ARRIS is working to bring APL into the home in multiple ways. For example, our smart media device (SMD) concept gives service providers one solution to bring together multiple connected smart devices throughout the home. SMDs can integrate with Alexa’s functionality to enable consumers to take advantage of visual experiences unlocked with the APL and more than 50,000 Alexa skills. In the case of our SMD soundbar, these voice experiences will be paired with larger-than-life audio quality too. Stop by Booth #2507 to interact with these must-see demos.

Many of today’s voice-based interactions can be enhanced with visual components. For example, having the ability to watch someone prepare a recipe, ask about an ingredient substitution or edit a shopping list, offers a much more compelling user experience.

Through SMDs and Alexa Skills created by ARRIS, service providers can deliver unique service offerings, such as:

  • Energy Management
    • Interact with current energy usage on-screen, or show your latest energy bill
    • Compare and contract home energy usage to last month or last year
  • Home Automation
    • Control your lighting, security system, cameras, sound, and connectivity (Wi-Fi health)
  • Visual Smart Assistant Feedback
    • No need to rely only on voice feedback – the SMD can present information and responses/actions on-screen, too
  • Education
    • Integrate online courses with an onscreen user experience
    • Create a family experience with children and reward them with TV time after their educational coursework is completed
  • Aging in Place
    • Health stats and notifications (time for medication) – pause TV for compliance
    • Connect to sensors for blood pressure, pulse or weight

To see how ARRIS is ushering a new era of SMDs by marrying voice and visuals, visit us at SCTE’s Cable-Tec Expo from October 22-25 at Booth #2507.

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