ARRIS Appoints Kevin Wirick to Lead New Network Intelligence & Automation Business

Arris Team October 17, 2018
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Kevin Wirick
Network Intelligence and Automation

We’re pleased to announce that Kevin Wirick will lead our new Network Intelligence and Automation business. The business concentrates our talent, customer engagements, and investments to bring comprehensive, cloud-based network management solutions to our service provider customers. 

Our customers are using virtualization to transform their networks with Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) technologies. DAA provides a path to grow network capacity and support new services. Yet, it also introduces complexity as network processing increases by a factor of ten to one hundred. Our emerging network automation and intelligence solutions will simplify network provisioning, enable efficient scaling, and provide insights and new techniques to reduce operational costs. They will also improve bandwidth utilization and subscriber service quality.

We are building this business based on well-established software products and emerging solutions:

  • The ARRIS ECO Service Management™ platform operationalizes the delivery and management of Wi-Fi®, triple-play, and connected home solutions. Through remote surveillance and control, ECO can activate, alarm, auto-configure, and provide remote visibility to home services, optimizing the customer experience while controlling expenses.  
  • ARRIS’s ServAssure® platform, including products like  ServAssure® Advanced Performance Management and Alarm Central, monitors the pipeline for the service provider network. It centralizes information about network performance and the subscriber experience, uses analytics to proactively identify service impairments, and provides operators with the tools they need to deploy DOCSIS® 3.1.
  • Our new vManager network solution, which is available to new or existing E6000 customers, complements these products by automating DAA complexity to make them efficient to deploy and manage. We’re going beyond configuring DAA devices to offer new capabilities that provide insights to help operators realize the full benefits of DOCSIS 3.1 and the performance of their networks.

We’re leveraging the latest industry-standard architectures and our extensive DOCSIS and networking expertise to support our customers’ needs. We’re excited about our new Network Intelligence and Automation business and the role it will play in the evolution of virtualization and DAA.

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