ARRIS Expands Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Arris Team July 26, 2018

Today, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and The Internet & Television Association (NCTA) announced a four-year extension to their landmark agreement to improve energy efficiency guidelines for small network equipment (SNE) in the United States. SNE includes common devices like modems, Wi-Fi routers and broadband gateways.

ARRIS was an early supporter of the agreement, which originated in 2015. Since then, we've been a driving force in advancing its technical guidelines and energy efficiency targets. As the world leader in broadband devices, we've made a significant contribution to the industry's 20 percent energy efficiency improvement over the last three years. Now it is time to set more aggressive targets to drive even higher levels of achievement.

"This initiative is part of ARRIS's broader commitment to energy conservation. We share a common vision with our customers to combine energy efficiency with enhanced broadband experiences. We're doing our part by reducing environmental impact as we advance the state of our industry. And, we're building this change across our organization, by introducing new Gigabit and Wi-Fi services, improving the design of our products and redefining efficiency standards for our industry," said Robert Turner, who heads energy efficiency initiatives for ARRIS.

"The signatories of this voluntary agreement have increased broadband speeds by nearly 60 percent from 2015 to 2017 while making their devices that deliver those services more energy efficient," said Debbie Fitzgerald, Director of the Energy Efficiency Program at CableLabs. "This remarkable achievement highlights the effectiveness of the voluntary agreement in enabling us to continue developing breakthrough innovations for consumers."

It's a win for the environment, and more importantly a win for broadband consumers across the U.S. who have seen cost savings on their utility bills.

More innovation, less power consumption: when it comes to conservation we truly can have the best of both worlds.


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