Bringing the Ruckus to HITEC Houston

ForPressRelease_LMB Larry Birnbaum June 14, 2018
It’s just been a couple of weeks since I joined Ruckus Networks. I am happy to say, I’ve hit the ground running and am quickly finding my way around. In particular, I love the Ruckus product roadmap. There are a number of new technologies and services which will very quickly be available to the hospitality industry. We will continue leading the industry with future releases focused on IoT suite and CBRS-band Private LTE products, along with our Wi-Fi, switching and cloud solutions. The integration of functional services across a single modular infrastructure will enable our partners and their customers to do more with their networks. With HITEC fast approaching, our dedicated hospitality team looks forward to spending time with our partners in Houston. While many are focused on smart hotel rooms, Ruckus will be demonstrating to our partners how we can simplify the onboarding of IoT devices on a single network using our controllers, access points (APs) and IoT modules. In short, Ruckus Networks' technology enables easier network management and eliminates multiple IoT network requirements (ZigBee/BLE/LoRa) – saving everyone the cost and complexity of multiple ZigBee/BLE hubs, cable pulls and switches which support intelligent lighting, thermostats and locks. Put simply, Ruckus empowers an easier, more cost-effective way to install a range of smart devices that allow operators, guests and residents to do more. One of the most anticipated new technologies impacting hospitality is CBRS and Private LTE. We are excited about the potential for both the technology and business models. If you are not already familiar, I encourage you to make time to meet with our industry-leading experts to learn how the changes in the 3.5Ghz spectrum can change your business, extend reliable mobile coverage throughout a property – for both guests and infrastructure – and ensure high quality-of-service (QoS). See you in Houston and safe travels!

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