ICX 7850 Drives Digital Transformation in Government

chris-thomas Chris Thomas July 3, 2019

Digital transformation, while sometimes referred to in futuristic terms, is sweeping through federal agencies and rolling over network infrastructure with billions of mobile devices and internet-connected sensors. Civilian and military agencies alike are gobbling bandwidth and taxing the network core with the proliferation of mobile and IoT, as well as cloud capabilities enabling everything from data analytics to artificial intelligence.  Federal expenditures on IoT alone is expected to hit $3 billion in fiscal 2018, according to an Immix Group Market Intelligence Report.

Digital Transformation

As organizations plan for the next big thing in digital transformation, they often overlook the core component – the networks – until connectivity becomes a problem. That was the thinking behind the Ruckus ICX 7850, the latest offering in Ruckus’ extensive switch lineup, which delivers 100 GbE from edge to core. The ICX 7850 uses a high-density, secure and scalable platform to support 10-, 25-, 50- and 100-GbE using existing customer investments in fiber to allow for growth. As agencies increasingly push connectivity to the edge, the ICX 7850 is the latest edge-to-core solution with high-end routing and security capabilities.

ICX switches have been used by federal agencies for two decades, so why roll out a new version? It’s because the exponential growth that agencies are planning for puts added demand on the network. With 6.4 Tbps, the ICX 7850 has more than three times the switching capacity of our core switch, the ICX 7750, eliminating bottlenecks between network layers and ensuring a smooth user experience in high-density wireless environments.

This new model includes the ability to mix and match ICX switches to build highly converged networks that simplify deployment and management, improve operational efficiency, and provide maximum scalability.

Solutions for network growth don’t have to be complex or expensive. What federal agencies need is the ability to grow and transform digitally without disruption. In this regard, ICX 7850 is the answer for next-generation wireless, no matter when, where or how it’s being used.

Check out IDC’s spotlight paper on how the ICX 7850 fits the need for 100GbE digital enterprise.

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