Simplifying Streaming Services For Service Providers’ Broadband-only Customers

Ken Haase May 25, 2021

Streamers-InteractiveService providers have a tremendous opportunity today to deliver to their customers a one-stop shop for all the popular streaming services.

There are growing numbers of customers who are canceling their pay TV services and are relying on free-to-air and streaming content over broadband, so called “cord-cutters,” and in the younger demographic there is a significant number  who have always used broadband streaming instead of pay TV -  “cord-nevers.”

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Service providers are seeking ways to address the viewing needs of the broadband-only customer by providing them with a compelling streaming alternative to retail devices. That’s why service providers are now deploying “streamers” - cost-effective, Wi-Fi connected video devices optimized to deliver aggregated streaming services.

Streamers are:

  • Easy to install and setup in minutes, streamers can automatically connect to the service provider’s home Wi-Fi
  • Intuitive and have an easy to navigate user experience
  • Have universal search functionality for ease of discovery and optional voice control
  • Offer service provider quality of experience and support
  • Contain several eco-friendly features including low power usage, casings from post-consumer recycled plastics and no single-use-plastics in the packaging

So, what are the advantages for the service provider? Streamers enable them to:

  • Differentiate the broadband service
  • Have their brand and user interface on the TV
  • Offer additional paid-for content
  • Upsell to added-value services

As the global market leader in video devices, CommScope has supplied more than 6 million streamers to customers in the United States and Europe. In our latest interactive infographic, we explain the benefits to deploying streamers to broadband-only consumers and what service providers can expect.

Streaming Service Simplified Infographic

About the Author

Ken Haase

Ken Haase is Vice President of Global Broadband and Video Devices for Home Networks, CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. He is responsible for CommScope’s home networks broadband and video devices including gateways, streamers and set tops.

Mr. Haase joined CommScope through the acquisition of ARRIS in April of 2019 where he held a similar position. Prior to ARRIS, Mr. Haase worked at Motorola Home where he served as Vice President of Product Management from 2007 to 2013 and Netopia, Inc from 2004 to 2007 as Vice President of Product Management and Technical Services. Ken has more than 35 years of experience in the computer networking industry and 27 years in Product Line Management. 

Mr. Haase started his career at NYNEX in 1986 where, as both a Systems and Project Engineer, he designed and installed networks for Fortune 500 companies in the Northeastern portion of the United States. He also held the position of Director of Product Marketing for Proxim with responsibility for indoor Wi-Fi and outdoor Broadband Wireless product portfolios. He also served as Vice President of Marketing at Farallon Communications where he introduced the first 802.11 wireless networking products for Apple Macintosh computers. He also held the General Chairman position at the HomeRF Working Group.