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Samuel Buttarelli

Samuel Buttarelli is vice president of sales, Europe, in the Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions division at CommScope. Mr. Buttarelli started at Andrew Corporation in 2003 in the role of global product line manager for the Filter and Power Amplifier group. He was promoted to the role of global account manager in 2006 before becoming sales director for Southern Europe in 2007 and sales director for Europe in 2011. Previously, Mr. Buttarelli worked at Forem Spa as research and development engineer for GSM Base Station Components and Subsystems and at Allen Telecom where he was responsible for business development of GSM Subsystems in the North America and China markets. Mr. Buttarelli holds a M.Sc. degree in telecommunications from the Polytechnic Institute of Milan and an MBA from the business school of Polytechnic Institute of Milan.