E2O® Coaxial/Fiber Hybrid Buried Cable

  • E2O is a solution that enables service providers the ability to bridge HFC networks to FTTx. The E2O composite coaxial/fiber product line combines fiber, microducts, and coaxial cable under one jacket.
  • Serves businesses in a new commercial serving area
  • Mitigates future cost of fiber installation
  • Saves on initial installation due to “single sheath” vs. multiple sheaths
  • Ideal for commercial data customers that also require video
  • All products tested to industry standards
Product Classification  
Brand   E2
Product Type   Hybrid cable, coax and fiber
Height   23.622 mm   |   0.930 in
Outer Jacket Thickness, nominal   0.762 mm   |   0.030 in
Shipping Weight   187.00 lb/kft
Width   16.002 mm   |   0.630 in
Environmental Specifications  
Environmental Space   Buried
General Specifications  
Cable Series   P3 500
Material Specifications  
Total Fiber Count   24
Outer Jacket Material   Medium density polyethylene (MDPE)
Ripcord Material   Polyester
Mechanical Specifications  
Minimum Bend Radius   88.90 mm   |   3.50 in
Pulling Tension, maximum   33 kg   |   73 lb
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

Included Parts

810008925/DB   |   B-024-LN-8W-F12NS/16G
LightScope ZWP® Blown Micro Single Jacket All-Dielectric Outdoor Stranded Loose Tube Arid-Core® Construction Cable
DB-8W-MicroLT   (Product Component—not orderable)
LightScope ZWP® Singlemode Fiber
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