Resources to Find, Secure and Use Public Funding

Confused about accessing US-based government funding to finance your important IT project? You’ve come to the right place.


Many are wondering how the available funding sources will benefit their state and local agencies and school districts—not only in the immediate crisis, but in the years ahead—and one of the most important use of these funds is to secure the technology needed to operate effectively in our changed world.

Our Team Can Help you navigate grants with our Funding Support Program


Jorge Atencio Parra
Thomas Schwab
Erica Perkins

The CommScope Grant Funding Support Program provides public sector agencies and districts key grant and stimulus funding information along with customized funding research and consultation to help fund project ideas and expand current initiatives.  Our Sales Acceleration team is here to help answer your questions and provide guidance as you navigate the federal stimulus funding opportunities with our Funding Support Program. If you are one of these organizations you can take advantage of our program:

  • State and local governments
  • K-12 schools and districts
  • Higher education institutions
  • Hospitals, Clinics
  • Transportation, Law enforcement and public safety entities

Get help with securing grants and other public funding

Ready to take the next steps?

In order to secure these funds for your current or future technology needs, you first need to know how to access those funding source and other answers to these key questions:

  • Who's eligible to apply for funds?
  • What can funds be used for?
  • How can one apply, and what are the deadlines?
  • How quickly are grants received?

Our team is here to help! Erica, Jorge and Thomas are ready with tools, resources and technology expertise to help you design and fund your next project. Contact us today to get a detailed report customized for you.

Download a great example on How to Develop a Strong Network Connectivity Project Funding Proposal utilizing CommScope's Funding Support Program.

Get help with securing grants & other public funding

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COVID Funding Guide for Your Network Infrastructure Projects

A guide on how to navigate and use available public funding for your next Network Infrastructure project.

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COVID Funding Support Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed business and education delivery models overnight. More about a free consultative service to help and support businesses and communities secure the public funding they need in order to tackle these new connectivity demands now and to prepare for a post-pandemic world.

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Resilience in the COVID-19 Era

To find information about CommScope’s global response to COVID-19, as well as resources and guidance from our subject matter experts.

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5 Steps to Network Stability

As districts begin to plan for how to stabilize their networks and infrastructures, this 5-step IT stabilization strategy can help your school or district to get back on track.

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Explore our solutions for current & future projects

Connectivity in Distance Learning

K-12 districts and schools are strategizing around the implementation and deployment of digital learning environments.

Smart Campus

A smart campus uses (IoT) to link devices, applications, locations and people to enhance and enable new services while improving operational efficiency.

Connected care, from core to edge

Healthcare networks face unique challenges and new obstacles. Discover more about the relationship between healthcare delivery and connectivity.

Smart Networks for Smart Buildings

Build a more resilient and intelligent smart building network infrastructure that minimizes unplanned outages and maximizes productivity.

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Steps to Understanding and Navigating Public Funding

CommScope’s RUCKUS team will answer questions about existing stimulus funding available through CARES and subsequent aid packages, update you on planned stimulus legislation and connect you to professional resources available through the Ruckus Grants Support Program.

What’s Next on the Funding Horizon for K-12: Stimulus Funding vs E-Rate

During this event, we’ll answer questions about existing stimulus funding available through CARES and subsequent aid packages, update you on planned stimulus legislation, discuss what is really on the horizon for the K-12 sector and connect you to professional resources available through the RUCKUS Grants Support Program.