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October 19 - October 29, 2020

CommScope pushes the boundaries of communications with game-changing ideas and ground-breaking discoveries that spark profound human connection. Together, with our customers, we're helping to deliver the future of video technology and entertainment to millions of consumers around the world.

Whether it’s more efficient programming distribution, converged ad delivery, or personalized entertainment, our unmatched portfolio—from source to screen—leverages our technology leadership and localized expertise to redefine video delivery. Discover our solutions and learn more about our cutting-edge work with the world's leading operators.

To the visionaries, the disruptors and the thousands of professionals who push the bounds of content each and every day: while we can’t meet in person this October, let’s restart, reengage and refocus, through a new digital experience, to move media and entertainment forward.  

If you would like to schedule a virtual meeting with CommScope, please contact

Featured products and solutions:

ME-7000 High Performance Converged Compression Platform

High density modular multi-video format encoder, transcoder with grooming, splicing and multiplexing.


This Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) allows for high capacity connectivity giving broadcasters the ability to easily plan for future network demands.

MDC (Manifest Delivery Controller)

MDC is the market-leading Video Manifest Manipulator, a software solution enabling server-side dynamic ad insertion, content personalization and analytics for IP video.

Professional Services

Custom outcomes to help automate, orchestrate and optimize your operations.

From Satellite to CDN

Time to bring Program Distribution Networks back down to earth