Raleigh, NC
Category: Tradeshow
Region: NAR
February 17 - February 19, 2020
Booth #423

National Association of Tower Erectors is a non-profit trade association that provides members with uniform safety standards, improved communications, and a unified voice for tower erection, service and maintenance companies. It is the place to interact with key decision makers in the broadcast and telecommunications tower erection, service and maintenance industry. 

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Featured Content:

Brochure - Outdoor Wireless Cell Site Solutions



Featured Products:

  • Metro Cell Integrated Pole
  • Metro Cell Polecab
  • Small Cell Monopole Display
  • SCSMx Small Cell Side Mount
  • SCPT Small Cell Pole-top Mount
  • VVSSP-360S-F 10-Port Small Cell Antenna
  • LSF2 Low Loss Small Cell Cable Assemblies
  • Heliax 1/4” and 3/8” Jumpers with 4.3-10 
  • SnapTak PIM-guard Hangers
  • SA-1C Adapters & Other Misc. Accessories
  • Roof Top Display
    EQ-P6C0810-AL Platform
    - w/(1) PT-R102 4 bar telco rack for wall support
    - w/(1) PT-R102 2 bar telco rack for wall support
    RT-DF10-4-96 HD, Roof Top, Sector Frame
    - 300 lbs. ballast weight in blocks
    NNH4-65C-R6 12-Port Antenna
    JAHH-65C-R3B 8-Port Antenna
    Gutter Mount small cell pole
    (2)-5g antenna place holders
    (1)-4g panel antenna
    (3) 4402 radio place holders
    Parapet wall mount
    - Ballast weight place holder
    Radios and antennas