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WORKASSURE-FORECAST | WorkAssure® Forecast

Field Service real time resource management and planning software

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Features and Benefits
Quota management -WorkAssure Forecast software provides resource management and planning capabilities of field service personnel, which take into account seasonality and real-time schedule and resource adjustments. It works as a part ofWorkAssure Field Solutions, or it can easily integrate, as a stand-alone product, with existing workforce management or scheduling systems.

WorkAssure Forecast automates resource planning, improves the accuracy of those plans and, ultimately, results in improved on-time arrivals for a better subscriber experience.

Improved on-time arrivals
Automated quota from technician schedules
Prioritizing labor to fulfill the highest value work first
Improve long term planning
More accurate resource plans

WorkAssure Forecast easily integrates with and simplifies your billing system and helps you manage and plan resources based on actual headcounts. It automates skills-based workload balancing, avoiding complicated "points" systems.

An intuitive user interface - Match up plain English skill labels with billing quota codes, Routing areas to work zones, Work schedules to available resources/quota
Planning capabilities that extend years into the future
Automatic reconciliation of work schedules to resource quota
“Day of” triage, highlighting exceptions between the amount of work and staff, making it easy to identify, navigate and resolve issues
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