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WORKASSURE-ROUTER | WorkAssure® Router

Dynamically optimized routes for field service personnel throughout the day

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Features and Benefits
Street level routing intelligence - WorkAssure Router software determines optimized travel routes based on business objectives and availability, adapting to problems, changes in job completion time, new work orders and canceled work orders during the day. It works as a part ofWorkAssure Field Solutions, or it can easily integrate, as a stand-alone product, with existing and customized workforce management systems.

WorkAssure Router frees up dispatchers or routers from routing and scheduling by automating the manual assignment of work. It prioritizes routing by job value. Since it dynamically routes throughout the day, the operator is able to assign more jobs per technician and reduce drive times and fleet costs.

Narrower arrival windows
Improved on-time arrival
More jobs per technician, improved productivity
Fewer truck rolls
Technicians assigned to highest value jobs first
Reduced dispatch effort

WorkAssure Router replaces the teams of people that route and assign jobs to technicians during the business day. Router not only looks at the next hour but the entire day, moving your business from being reactive to being proactive - continuously and automatically optimizing field resources by analyzing:
Technician skillsets
Technician availability
Technician current location
Job value (routes highest value jobs first)
Entire day workload
Best routes using deep mapping technology - Decrease drive times, Reduce mileage
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