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Comprehensive Wireless Network Reporting and Data Analytics

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Features and Benefits
Proliferating devices and data-intensive applications place ever-increasing demands on wireless networks. High user expectations for great Wi-Fi performance can put pressure on IT teams. But teams often lack the necessary data on network operations and performance to deliver high service levels.

What if you had all the necessary insight into your RUCKUS wireless network, right at your fingertips? RUCKUS SmartCell Insight (SCI) software gives you visibility into the network intelligence you need to deliver great wireless connectivity for users. Powerful reporting and network data analytics help you to make the right business and operational decisions. The software stores up to three years of data for up to 100,000 access points and millions of clients to support large-scale deployments. Deploy it on-premises in a virtualized environment, or as a cloud-based instance.

Automatically Detect Network Anomalies:
SmartCell Insight uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically establish a pattern of normal behavior for each network element. The system requires no input from IT. Its predictive analytics capability automatically detects anomalous behavior in network elements—helping you to proactively address issues that might affect service levels.

Gain Valuable Insight into Wireless Network Data:
SmartCell Insight collects data from wireless controllers, access points, clients and applications. A variety of standard reports support the most common requirements right out of the box. You can access top-level summary views with granular drill-down capability. Valuable operations and performance data aids in capacity planning and helps you to make the most of your RUCKUS Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Customize Wi-Fi Network Reports:
The SmartCell Insight Data Explorer feature makes it easy to create customized reports and dashboards. Focus on the network metrics and trends that matter most to your organization by tailoring reports to meet your requirements. An intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop data attributes and panels make it easy to create the views you need.

Feed Third-Party Systems Wireless Analytics Data:
SmartCell Insight integrates via API with third-party platforms needed to keep your wireless deployment running smoothly. The software increases the value of business intelligence tools, bringing the power of sophisticated data analytics to bear on your business and IT challenges as part of a broader data analytics ecosystem.
  • Powerful Wireless Network Reporting and Analytics
  • Network intelligence from applications, clients, access points and controllers
  • Predictive analytics powered by machine learning to automatically detect network anomalies
  • Variety of standardized reports with drill-down capability for highly granular detail
  • Data Explorer tool to customize reports and dashboards with drag-and-drop ease
  • Storage for up to three years of data for up to 100,000 access points and millions of clients
  • Virtualized deployment—on-premises or as a cloud-based instance
  • Integration with third-party business intelligence systems via API
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