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RF-PLANNER | RUCKUS Wi-Fi Planner by Yagna®

The RUCKUS Wi-Fi Planner is a cloud-based, multi-vendor predictive Wi-Fi site survey tool used by thousands of partners across the globe.

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Features and Benefits
Yagna Wi-Fi planner is RUCKUS' recommended Heatmap tool for partners to create heatmaps for bids. It was built in partnership with Ruckus SEs, to address the most common challenges faced by partners. It is a replacement for Zoneplanner which became End of Life as of Dec 31, 2019.
  • Web-based: No licenses or installation required; access anywhere, anytime (Web-based)
  • Shared: Pay once and the whole organization can use it with different logins (in same country)
  • Easy to use: Canned profiles to allow quick heatmap generation
  • Customize reports: Edit and customize reports with custom templates
  • Multi-floor: Build multiple floors in the same design
  • Built in support: Support is built into the tool
  • OTP login: Share the account with a trusted Ruckus SE using a secure One Time Password (OTP)
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