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Beamforming antennas for 5G NR

  • Region: APAC
  • Category: Outdoor Wireless Networks
  • Language: English
  • 42 minutes

In this webinar, CommScope’s Dr. Mohamed Nadder, Director of Mobility Network Engineering, will outline how you could build beamformers from ground up, offer a peek into their underlying technologies, and then challenge their abilities in distinct 5G environments.

Watch the replay and learn about the key network infrastructure decisions that must be made for successful 5G RAN planning:

  • Understand different beamforming technologies
  • Benchmark 5G beamforming antennas for different deployment environments
  • Selection strategies for 5G beamformers
  • Innovations that enable faster and smarter 5G

Webinar Presenter

Dr. Mohamed Nadder Hamdy Director of Mobility Network Engineering CommScope

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