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Home entertainment and evolution of interactivity

  • Region: CALA
  • Category: Enterprise Networks
  • Language: Portuguese
  • 68 minutes

The telecommunications industry will play an important role in this moment of transformation that is happening worldwide due to the current crisis of COVID-19. It is essential to keep up to date and know the strategies that will allow you to react and ensure the best functioning of the networks.

In this webinar session we will share with you CommScope's vision of:

  • The evolution of entertainment consumption
  • New interactivity models and how new technologies and solutions will integrate these models (SMD)
  • Cloud Gaming is putting the customer in ""digital life"" and putting pressure on different parts of the home network
  • Smart, connected speakers and new trends in interactivity
  • Smart Media Device - an important tool for integration"

This is session 4 of the Network Trends and Impacts in the Current Situation Webinar Series.

Note: This webinar is only available in Portuguese.

Webinar Presenter

Hugo Ramos Chief Regional Technologist Latin America CommScope

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